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LIVE Implosion Plays Out

implosion31What a rush to be in the KCRG-TV9 newsroom Saturday morning. There was a buzz in the air. Eastern Iowa viewers were about to see LIVE coverage of the Mercy building implosion on Local 9.2 KCRG and eastern Iowa users were about to watch LIVE coverage on KCRG.com. Boy what a success.

We had plenty of staff in place… from the control room at the TV station to operators in master control to flip the switches to reporters and photographers out on scene.

And then it happened… it only took a few seconds for the building to come tumbling down and for the dust cloud to clear. We get instant page view reports and could see that thousands of people woke up and started their weekend by checking out the LIVE stream of this event on KCRG.com. And then we started clipping and posting the video from six different angles for review… just in case the alarm clock didn’t go off on time or the kids took too long eating the waffles or people missed it for some other reason. That’s when we started seeing the page view numbers climb. For what can sometime be a slow Saturday, we ended up with more than 170,000 page views Saturday.

We’ll continue to work on education when it comes to where and how to find our digital sub-channel, Local 9.2 KCRG. We’ve learned about 70% of our viewing area has access to Local 9.2 KCRG. It’s Channel 109 on Mediacom digital cable in Cedar Rapids, but it’s likely a different channel in your city. Check your local listing or guide and join us next time… we hope to bring you more LIVE events in the coming week.


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Events Galore!

KCRG.com launched a new “Local Events” section today. You will find thousands of events taking place in eastern Iowa. Plus,  you can submit your event for free. And this will all save you time, because your event  information will now be shared with several other online calendar sites.

“Local Events” on KCRG.com is part of the Iowa.com Network. It’s the most comprehensive calendar in eastern Iowa. Partners include: KCRG-TV9, KCRG.com, Gazette, GazetteOnline.com, CorridorCareers.com, Edge Business Magazine, Penny Saver, Community News Advertiser, Hoopla, HooplaNow.com, IowaPrepSports.com, and Iowa.com.

Check it out, plan your weekend… or spread the word about your upcoming event, now! Have fun!

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Inauguration 2009: Pick Your Platform

Excitement is in the air! The inauguration of our 44th president is just a day away. And KCRG-TV9 and KCRG.com plan to cover it like never before. We have two full KCRG-TV9 news crews in Washington, D.C. and plan to deliver coverage when you want it and how you want it.

KCRG-TV9's Bruce Aune in D.C.


KCRG-TV9’s Bruce Aune, along with photojournalist Matt Nelson, is making his way through the events leading up to and including the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday.




At the same time, KCRG-TV9’s Dubuque Reporter Katie Wiedemann and photojournalist Chris Blake are with the Dubuque Colts Drum and Bugle Corps that’s marching in the inauguration parade.


Now, here’s where it gets fun! You can tune into daily KCRG-TV9 newscasts to see LIVE reports. If you’re sitting in front of a computer you can watch LIVE streaming coverage of the events, plus all KCRG-TV9 newscasts LIVE online at KCRG.com.  Not by a TV or a computer? But have a mobile device? Check out inauguration coverage on the KCRG Mobile site. And that’s not all. Feel like you’re in D.C. too when you follow KCRG-TV9’s inauguration blog. Plus, get instant Twitter updates throughout the day.

Pick your platform, sit back and enjoy Inauguration 2009 with KCRG-TV9 and KCRG.com.

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LIVE Newscasts on KCRG.com

You no longer have to be home with the remote in the recliner… you no longer have to be by a television set… you can get all KCRG-TV9 newscasts LIVE online at KCRG.com. We know this is a popular feature on our website. We can watch the numbers climb during the day when we hit KCRG-TV9 News at Midday. This hour-long, 11a.m. newscast airs at a time when people are at work, many sitting in front of a computer with access to KCRG.com. It’s a way to stay connected to your 24 Hour News Source, KCRG-TV9.                          

Greeley House Fire

Greeley House Fire

We covered breaking news on multiple platforms on a deadly fire out of Delaware County this week. There were so many questions, so many unknowns when our news team arrived on scene. But as soon as we could, we powered up our LIVE truck and KCRG-TV9’s Dave Franzman provided the first LIVE interview with fire investigators from the scene. This LIVE coverage aired on KCRG-TV9 News at Midday and also to users logged on to KCRG.com. (Tragically, word spread that four children died in that fire.)

Anytime KCRG.com is providing a LIVE stream of an event you will find a scrolling message at the top of the home page on KCRG.com. It will say something like “Click here for the LIVE stream of KCRG-TV9 News at 5.”

Current LIVE stream schedule:

5a.m. – KCRG-TV9 Early Morning News

6a.m. – KCRG-TV9 Morning News

11a.m. – KCRG-TV9 News at Midday

5p.m. – KCRG-TV9 News at 5

6p.m. – KCRG-TV9 News at 6

10p.m. – KCRG-TV9 News at 10

If you can’t be home in time for the news, you can count on LIVE coverage on KCRG.com!

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2008 Year-Ender… December 31

When I think multimedia and the ongoing effort to feed multiple media platforms and deliver
content as quickly as we can… the flood of information surrounding the historic Flood of 2008 bubbles to the top. At no other time in my career do I remember a time when we had more information to get on the air than we had time for… and that’s even with a station commitment to LIVE, non-stop coverage. We had to get critical public safety information out and we had to get it out fast. The anchors read as many news releases as they possibly could on-air, while also handling LIVE communication with our reporters in the field and reporters and guest interviews on the news set. We relied heavily on our website, KCRG.com, to post the massive amounts of information coming in. And when our anchors were forced to broadcast from a “van down by the river,” we scrolled additional information on the bottom of the TV screen, sent e-mail alerts… all while fielding thousands of phone calls. Usually as a news team we can prioritize what “makes air,” but in this case each news release seemed equally as important. After days of LIVE, non-stop coverage… we pulled our newscasts back into their usual time slots, but then sent viewers to our digital sub-channel, Local 9.2 KCRG, and kept broadcasting. This is a prime example of how we can get news out on multiple platforms and serve the most amount of viewers/users. Let’s hope we don’t have to revisit these “extremes” any time soon. But this kind of delivery can be done on a daily basis too.

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New Year, New Division – December 29

KCRG-TV9 is kicking off 2009 by adding a new division. The multimedia group will keep busy with daily coverage on KCRG.com, but will also be researching what viewers want to see on KCRG’s digital sub-channel, Local 9.2 KCRG and other products yet to be developed/discovered. Getting content and information to viewers/users when they want it and how they want it is the main priority. And this is all while still supporting and promoting traditional newscasts.

Local 9.2 KCRG

Local 9.2 KCRG

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